Join the Club

Hey, thanks for being interested in joining our club.

Before you have to commit to a membership you’re welcome to trial our practice for a month to test it out.

Our club is funded by an annual membership fee, and if you join midway through the year you will only have to pay the equivalent amount for the remaining year.

Check our price sheet for our fees: Membership Fees

Each year you will have to send the membership fees via bank transfer to the club account until the 8th week of the year. Sorry, we can’t accept cash payments.

If you’re really short on money or only want to join for a short-term, we are able to accommodate your needs. Just let us know and we will be able to arrange a month by month payment or a reduced membership fee. Just ask and we should be able to help.

Any more questions? Please check our FAQ section Here.

If you want to make it official, please fill out the application form, sign it digitally or scan it or take a photo and email it together with a digital portrait of you (passport style for the player’s license) to our office

As soon as we receive your application, Paula will get in touch with you. Once we receive your initial payment of the membership fee we can arrange your official player documentation at the Berlin Hockey Federation which will make you eligible to play with us in our league games.

We’re looking forward to welcome you at the Neuköllner Sportfreunde Hockey Club (or NSF in short)!