Membership Fees

Version 1.2024

For the year 2024 the annual members meeting decided to reduce the membership fees for 2024 to ¼ of the annual fee. Adults 54€. New Members will pay the same fee of 54€ in the year 2024, unrelated to the month they join the club.

Individual Rates (Annual)
Children under the age 18100€
Passive Membership60€
Family Rates (Annual)
1st Child100€
2nd Child60€
3rd Child60€
4th Child and more0€
Passive parent45€
1st Active Parent100€
2nd Active Parent60€
*Students older than 18 years, unemployed, trainees, retired. Please provide unsolicited proof of your current status for the current year of membership to our office.

The fee is to be paid annually to the bank account below by the end of the eighth calendar week of the year. In the event of late payment, a late payment surcharge in the amount of one month’s fee will be charged. New members pay a proportionally fee for the remaining year of entry for the next full month (For example: Begin of Membership on January 15th = Begin of your membership fees on February 1st )

Banking Information:
Neuköllner Sportfreunde 1907 e.V.
IBAN: DE63100500000190654554
Reference: Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth