Food Tips & Local Bars (Eng)

For guests arriving earlier or staying longer around the tour dates, here are some local tips for food in the area.


On Thursdays only, go to ‚Markthalle Neun‘ It’s street Food Thursday  from 17:00 – 22:00 (Address: Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin)

Pizza ‚Ristorante Masaniello‘, good for groups, call for a reservation +49030 6926657 (Hasenheide 20, 10967 Berlin)

Quick, cheap and cheerful:

‚Schiller Burger‘, (Karl-Marx-Straße 223, 12055 Berlin)

Vietnamese ‚Hamy‘, (Hasenheide 10, 10967 Berlin)

Try Berlin’s famous Döner Kebabs and best Falafel (super cheap and yummy options)

‚Al Andolos‘ (Sonnenallee 40, 12045 Berlin) Walk from 2A hostel

‚Azzam‘ (Sonnenallee 40, 12045 Berlin) Walk from 2A hostel 

Walk to Schillerpromenade for a chill vibe, more Bars and great Italian restaurants:

‚Caligari‘ (Kienitzer Str. 110, 12049 Berlin)

‚La Pecora Negra‘ (Herrfurthpl. 6, 12049 Berlin)



Alter Roter Löwe Rein (Richardstraße 31-32, 12043 Berlin)

TiER (Address: Weserstraße 42)

Ä (Address: Weserstraße 40)

For nice weather, try big cool rooftop Bar ‚Klunkerkranich‘, (Karl-Marx-Straße 66, 12043 Berlin)

Basically, anywhere on Weser Str or Rixdorf is good!