Tri Nations Turnier – Wir haben es geschafft!

Delighted and Excited

It was with great delight and excitement that NSF welcomed hockey enthusiasts  from our neighbouring and favourite  clubs such as TiB, MHC and the ‚Foxies‘ (from BSC & die Füchse Berlin), as well as special guests from our long standing partner, East London Hockey Club – and our Saturday All Star team with friends of NSF – go Camila, Felix, Johannes and Elmar! And hurray to Sunday’s Best Who Wants to Play team (Anja, Marci and support by Jule!)

Over two days of full throttle hockey about 100 hockey players took part in approx. 38 Games of hockey lasting 25 minutes each. Every team played a role in providing umpires for the matches and cheering on the fellow teams. Thank you everyone for a really fun weekend, and for playing lots of beautiful hockey. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures below and a little tribute to all who worked hard to make this happen.


East are hot to go! We love the Untouchables on Tour
A stronger Berlin Hockey Connection: Thank you Pauli, well done Foxies for most beautiful hockey!
We love to see the Schreibers in  goals. Thank you to TiB for coming

The hard work paid off, both on and off the pitch – we had an absolute cracking weekend. The weather wasn’t exactly on our side but we made the very best of it. Not only did we welcome our guests, we also sang to the heavens and welcomed the rain as it lashed down on the blessed grounds of our home turf at Otto Hahn.

We bless the rains – NSF Ladies kept the spirits up despite the rain


The Much Needed Thank Yous

Organising this tournament  truly was an entire NSF Hockey Club effort. A little Orga team of 9 people were entrusted with support from the men and ladies team’s to make the weekend a success. Especially, the Orga team thanks Inga and Jasmin (our Club chairs) for helping with some key yet super important decisions. We also thank our ‚Geschaeftstelle (Paula B, Gunnar, Vivi)‘ and ‚Kasse (Paul)‘ for facilitating the necessary admin so swiftly and efficiently.  We thank Karsten, Juergen and team for their help and facilities on the pitch. We thank Thomas for securing the pitch and the new sets of goalposts.

The NSF men and womens‘ teams were our cheerleaders, and everyone stepped in to help with bar and BBQ shifts to help – ALL WEEKEND LONG! Thank you for getting up early to come and set up, and thank you for leaving last to help pack away. Thank you also to Jenn and many others from the men and women’s teams who brought salads and cakes to help raise money for the NSF Youth Development Fund. We thank Wiebke for these amazing photos!

The Orga Team gives a humble bow to itself, for working well together amongst the chaos. Massive shout outs go to:

@Mannuh, for working night and day on the ‚Spielplan‘ and ‚Schichtplaene‘, being our MC and remembering everything we ever discussed at the planning meetings and sorting Private Club

@Laura, for really hard work on making the trophies with her own hands, literally, hand made in Berlin! Hard work on sponsoring, and for being the Flunky Queen

@Lotte, for fighting for fighting for democratic voting amongst the group of chaos pilots, and for fundraising, and her beau Max for the epic Tour design

@Sarah, for making sure people have paper in their hand, first aid and insurance, and for participating on painful teleconference calls from afar when her Orga-mates are mumbling and had too much Berliner Luft

@Heiko, for the constant ‚Gute Laune‘ and infinite positivism in spite of some tiny crises

@Fred, for the reminders and the witty humor and helping with the drinks

@Max, for being super efficient and making sure we had enough to drink – and providing Paula with reassurance over and over again

@Timo, for being Timo! Timo, on paper you did the food and the BBQ, but in reality, you simply being there for us did a whole lot more.

Not everyone knows this, but @Vanessa also gets a special thank you for being instrumental in taking this Tournament to life back in 2013. Without Vanessa, none of this would have ever happened – thank you too, Vanessa.

To continue the chaos, let’s not forget if anyone has the time, all people at the NSF Tournament are invited to the East London Tour  30 June – 1 July weekend (in 2 weeks!). Get in touch if you’d like to join one of the East London teams.

Until next time, we wish you lots of hockey love from the Orga Group, on behalf of your friends at Neukölln First, Never Second and most Thirdainly Best





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